Noon Pacific

Music has always been a big part of my life, but it’s never been omnipresent. I’ve never been someone who constantly has a pair of headphones in my pocket, and even at work it’s rare that I have headphones on—the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is just too great. But late at night, when I’m really deep into work or writing, I’ll often turn up some music to keep me going. That’s where Noon Pacific comes in.

Noon Pacific has reminded me what it’s like to have

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Last night I found myself in throwback mode, digging deep into high school memories. To say the least, it was weird.

I don’t even really remember how I got started. I suppose I saw a high school friend’s status update on Facebook (remember the days before Facebook?!) and fell down the rabbit hole. Before I knew it I was Googling people I hadn’t thought of in years, chatting friends who still lived in rural Kentucky, and looking up old email accounts that I literally have not logged into since 2009.

Nevermind that Google wouldn’t let me

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Interviewing for New Friends

So I’ve got a spare room in my apartment since my most recent roommate moved out, and I need to fill it by November 1st (since, as we all know, affording a two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco by oneself is insane). After posting it on Facebook and Craig’s List, I’ve invited six people to come check the place out this evening.

In some ways, I feel like I’m interviewing for new friends.

I love living in San Francisco, but one thing I will say is that making friends here (outside of work, anyway) is actually pretty

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Weekend Wrap-Up: I Love California

This has been one of those weekends—not uncomon—where I sit back and think, “why would I ever live anywhere else?” While DC will always hold a special place in my heart, San Francisco really, honestly feels like the place I need to be.


Friday night I spent the evening with friends and coworkers at Southern Pacific Brewing—a big, fun spot with relatively cheap beers and solid food. While not terribly eventful, it was just the right kind of relatively-low-key Friday evening I needed after a long week.


Saturday I read. And read and read and

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Finally Settling on a Mobile Inbox

I’m notoriously picky with productivity apps—and none moreso than the app I’m using for email. Apple’s Mail app is fine and decently functional, but slow1. Mailbox came in with a ton of hype, but never lived up to expectations. And then there’s Boxer (avatars, gah!), Acompli (too much in one app), and CloudMagic (just… no), but none of them ever did it for me either. Now though, finally, I think maybe I’m happy.

My mobile inbox now consists of two main tools (with a cast of supporting characters, not the least of which

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There's something cathartic about meeting a stranger, having a great conversation, and then... walking away. No exchange of information, no guarantee of future interaction. You're just a fleeting moment—one interesting conversation—in that other person’s life.

Today I met Ashley. She's visiting San Francisco from Miami. Her father is from Cali, Colombia, and her mother is from Guatamala. She's lived in LA, Portland, and Miami, and she's visiting a friend on a whim for his birthday. She bought him a bicycle, since his was recently stolen.

She's an artist and loves art, but she's unsure what she wants

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